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Nilwala National College of Education is committed to fulfil the supreme task of producing efficient,energetic,innovative and reflective teachers,who are equipped with scientific strategies and positive attitudes and professionally competent and dedicated to service in order to achieve the national objectives of education and capable of developing creativity and full potentialities in future generation to face the challenges of the global society


Thank you for visiting the Web Site of Nilwala National College of Education, located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Nilwala college is one of the leading National Colleges of Education in Sri Lanka, committed to quality teacher education, research excellence, and strategic partnership with community development.Our main role is conducting pre'service teacher education and continuing teacher education courses.Here, you will have the opportunity to explore the College 's achives.


Pilot trip to select schools for the social camp program will be on 8th of January

Second year Batch Trip has been shedule from 12th of January to 15th of January

Social camp program has been plan to be implemented 26th of January to 28th of January

Nilawala National College of Educaion